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DealerRater Solutions

Drive your business with the largest review platform in the industry

DealerRater Connections: invest to build trust.

  • Be found where consumers are looking by syndicating your reviews across an audience of millions to build your brand presence and dominate search engine visibility
  • Drive preference for your dealership and connect your top salespeople to consumers before they walk on the lot
  • Retain your best employees by helping them sell more cars, faster with solutions such as LotShot and Salesperson Connect

DealerRater Connections Plus: automate with ReviewBuilder™ to drive growth.

  • Empower employees with automated review solicitation – so they can focus on selling
  • Simplify review submission with text and email options
  • Increase brand preference with more reviews

DealerRater Connections Premier: accelerate your results.

  • Jumpstart onboarding with your own DealerRater Success Partner that provides training and profile completion so you can get more value out of DealerRater Connections, faster
  • Keep employee profiles up-to-date with a dedicated partner committed to your success
  • See results faster with a partner that helps identify opportunities to help you maximize your return on investment

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